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This photo agency is more than a database.

News and photo service

We offer a complete, tailor-made photo editorial service. We manage a database with journalistic photos and are the number one agency for portrait photography in Belgium. We seek out the best photographers for your assignments and find the right photo for your story. Besides that, we know our way around photo databases and stock photos, so that we always find the perfect visual fit for you.

Corporate Photography

Your company needs more photography than you might think. We photograph your products, production processes or buildings. We create 360° visibility for your workplace. Or would you like to have your employees portrayed in a uniform or unique way? We even document your events, conventions or parties, using a photo studio or an Instagram printer. And it doesn't stop there. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.


Where does one find a real photographer nowadays? We can deliver a top photographer for your party or wedding and our photo studio is always at your service for family portraits or profile pictures. Or would you like to learn more about photography during one of our exclusive workshops? We are at your service with advice, guidance and competitive prices in our web shop.

About us

Two plus two is more than seventy

Lieven Van Assche and Joost De Bock decided in 2010 to figure out an efficient system on which they could distribute their photos. It became their mission to enhance the value of the freelance photographer once again and to maintain the viability of the profession. That's how the first Fair Trade photo agency was born. 90% of the sold amount is forwarded to the photographer, and, above all, they maintain their rights at all time. Unique in every way.

Lieven Van Assche

Co-founder & CEO

Lieven (°1976) started working as an assistant for a local photographer at the age of 15. In 1997, after his studies, he started working as a freelancer for the Belgian press agency Belga and other media. Lieven is responsible for the day-to-day business, the contact with clients and photographers, and for the finances within ID/. He is the father of three amazing children, plays volleyball and is a 'would be' cyclist.


Joost De Bock

Co-founder & CTO

Joost (°1975) started working as a photographer for the former newspaper 'Het Volk' during his studies in Visual Arts. The last 15 years, he mainly shot portraits and foreign reports for the biggest newspaper in Belgium: 'Het Laatste Nieuws'. Joost is responsible for the technical aspect within ID/ and for any other crazy ideas that might pop up. He makes sourdough bread and is a dedicated owner of two cats, a turtle and a couple of thousand bees.


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