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About us

ID/ photo agency is a “Fair Trade” photo agency and photo archive in Belgium. It works exclusively with professional photographers and allows them to manage their work themselves thanks to a unique and useful software system. In the meantime, 100 photographers have joined ID/ photo agency. As a result, they have become protagonists to realize a better world for photography.

Who and Why?

ID/ photo agency was founded in 2010 by Lieven Van Assche and Joost De Bock, both press photographers. With this initiative, they intended the following two things: to put an end to the decreasing prices of press photos and to make sure that the copyrights remain with the photographer. Besides that, they were trying to find an affordable and reliable way to make their photo archive available for themselves and for potential clients.

Lieven Van Assche

Co-founder & CEO

Lieven (°1976) started working as an assistant for a local photographer at the age of 15. In 1997, after his studies, he started working as a freelancer for the Belgian press agency Belga and other media. Lieven is responsible for the day-to-day business, the contact with clients and photographers, and for the finances within ID/. He is the father of three amazing children, plays volleyball and is a 'would be' cyclist.

Joost De Bock

Co-founder & CTO

Joost (°1975) started working as a photographer for the former newspaper 'Het Volk' during his studies in Visual Arts. The last 15 years, he mainly shot portraits and foreign reports for the biggest newspaper in Belgium: 'Het Laatste Nieuws'. Joost is responsible for the technical aspect within ID/ and for any other crazy ideas that might pop up. He makes sourdough bread and is a dedicated owner of two cats, a turtle and a couple of thousand bees.

Fair Trade

ID/ photo agency wants photographers to determine who can use their work and to which rate. By using minimum rates, the work of the members is sold at the best prices. Moreover, the photographer receives 90% of the selling price. With this fair trade principle, ID/ photo agency goes against the cheap selling of photography.

Complete control

ID/ photo agency offers its members an internet platform where they can manage their entire archive and distribute it towards professional and private clients. Whereas photos used to get lost on CD-rom's or external hard drives, they are now given a new live to reach the audience they deserve.


The search for photos on ID/ photo agency is free and anonymous, however it is better for professional clients to register. This helps us to suggest a tailor-made rate. In doing so, we make sure both client and photographer get the best value for their money.

As we mentioned earlier, ID/ photo agency gives 90% of the paid amount back to the photographer. Have you seen anything like it before?

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